Why I Love… Anime

What Is Anime?

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Rather than try and explain this in detail myself, I’m going to highlight a great Youtube channel:  Digibro. In this short video he quickly explains what anime is and isn’t.

Thanks for the permission to use your videos in my content!

Digibro’s channel is full of content that ranges from reviews to analytical discussions for various anime. If you are new or a fan, he’s definitely worth checking out.

So Why Do I Like It?

I enjoy anime so much for a few really simple reasons. First of all, I enjoy interesting stories and anime is just one of many avenues for me to experience new stories. Secondly, as Digibro mentions in his video, anime has several different styles and directions which I find interesting. This isn’t really something you get in live action stuff here in the West, or anywhere really. These are really the biggest reasons I enjoy it so much. I also watch anime with friends and family, making for a good way to pass time when we aren’t up for something that involves a lot more effort or time. 

How Did I Get Into Anime?

I first started watching anime when I was very young. I watched shows like Pokémon and Sailor Moon. As I got older, I watched less and less. It was only about 2 years ago that I really started watching anime again. I started off by seeing Cowboy Bebop with a few friends. From here, I only occasionally saw a show every so often. This quickly changed after realizing how many anime there actually were. This may sound stupid, but I honestly had no clue at that time that there were so many good shows to enjoy. With my rule to buy shows that I enjoy, especially if I watched them *cough* in less than ideal ways *cough*, I quickly found out there were so many more shows than I imagined.

Seeing so many titles really opened the floodgates. Since, at the time, I had just started making more money, it was easy to explore and watch new things. I would just buy what sounded interesting. Obviously, I didn’t want to go in blind so I avidly read about what was good or bad, found good review resources (especially the spoiler-free ones), and developed my tastes as I went.

To date (9/27/15) I have seen close to 100 anime. My collection is about 200 titles and growing as well. I know that might seem a little crazy to people but that’s how much I’ve come to enjoy it.

Why YOU Might Enjoy Anime

For many people, anime is a new and interesting medium to experience different stories. Anime has stories that range from dark, to silly, or even outright bizarre. There is literally an anime out there for every taste and type of person. The only tricky part is trying to find the one that best suits you.

There are a lot of anime that are great for newcomers. My personal favorite to recommend for new people are:  Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sword Art Online, or Clannad (both seasons). Each one is different, offering its own flavor. Provided are links to each anime’s page on myanimelist.net. Read the plot synapsis for a quick overview (or don’t) and watch whatever sounds best to you. At least one of these titles should be enjoyable for you. Whether you watch with subtitles or in English is up to you. Personally, I prefer English but it really is just a matter of preference.

Whether you watch alone or with friends, anime is a fun thing to do in your free time. Anime can offer new perspective and entertainment all at once. If you enjoy it take the time to explore and find other titles that interest you. You may just be surprised and find that yourself with a new hobby.

Closing Thoughts

Old or young, I think anime is something everybody can enjoy. I hope that with my reviews and related discussions of anime that people will discover new interests and enjoy something different. This hobby is still pretty niche in the US but overtime I hope to see more and more people check it out.

Let myself and others know what you think in the comments below. If I forgot a title you think is a must see for a newcomer, let ’em know! If you liked this, give it a like to let others know. Remember, respect other people and be polite, there are a ton of tastes in anime and not everything is for everyone.


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