Plans For the Week 9/21/15-9/27/15

Hello Everybody!

Hope everybody had an excellent weekend and is looking forward to the start of a new week. I just wanted to let everybody know what my plans for the upcoming week were and take some time to highlight some important things from the previous week.

So What’s the Plan?

Every week on Sunday or Monday I will post one of these updates to let people know what my schedule for the week is looking like in terms of reviews and other content. Some weeks will be busier than others so these updates will vary in length.

For this week I have a few things scheduled:

  • Finish watching the last couple of episodes for Last Exile:  Fam, The Silver Wing. I have 4 episodes to go so this task should be finished fairly quickly.
  • I’m hoping to have my review for Fam around Tuesday but this may be delayed until the weekend if not until next week depending on how I decide to write the review. Likely the review will be split into two halves; one half being a stand-alone review that is as spoiler-free as possible, while the other half discussing my views on Last Exile’s second season and how it measures up as a sequel. This would likely result in the first half being up on time and the second half being published later in the week or early next week.
  • My board game section hasn’t been getting a ton of love as you may have noticed, and to date it contains by far my single most popular article in terms of views.  I would like to get a review of something up for this section sometime late in the week, but I’m not going to promise anything in particular. However, the article that is up now, is basically 5 mini reviews and recommendations which is a pretty big start.
  • As requested by one of my close friends, I will be writing a human interests type piece on one of my favorite activities, which is, dancing (I do it all from ballroom to swing). Since reviewing a type of dancing is difficult, this will just be a piece on why I enjoy it, some benefits of the activity, and why people should give it a shot. There is no exact date for this piece, just sometime during the week.
  • There are a few things here and there that I might do if I have the time and energy for it, but beyond what you see above this is how the week is probably going to look.

Things of Note From the Previous week

Published Content:

As many of you likely realize, I just recently started putting content up here. I’ve had the idea to start reviewing for quite awhile and it feels nice to finally be doing it. The reviews and articles I published this week are:  A review of Last Exile (season 1), a review and discussion piece on the film Spirited Away, and 5 Board Games Everybody Should Play (At Least Once).

Important Happenings:

This week I moved back onto my University campus. Classes will be starting back up again soon which means that I will be busier. This upcoming week there is very little class for me so it won’t really get in the way, but starting next week my schedule may become more hectic. There will be more on this as we approach the end of next week.

The other piece of worthwhile news for the week is that Jon Spencer Reviews now has it’s very own Facebook page which you can like here.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

Hopefully, you have been enjoying the content I’ve been putting out and have found it at least somewhat interesting. Remember to share your thoughts and opinions on any of my articles as feedback is always useful. If you enjoy something I write, then give it a like on the page and consider following me here, via email, or on Facebook.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everybody who’s been checking this site out over the past couple of days. I’d like to especially thank user leaveit2me for becoming my very first follower! You can check out his blog here. Again, thank you all for the support and encouragement to keep up with this.

See you all soon!

Jon Spencer

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