[Resolved] Update on Spirited Away Review & Discussion

As of 9/20/15 at 2:50pm (PST) the review and discussion of Spirited Away has been reposted and fully corrected. It can be found here.

[9/19/2015] My sincerest apologies to anybody who wanted to read, or had read, my Spirited Away article. It was not meant to be published at this time as it still needed revision before being posted, what was published on 9/19/2015 was an a premature copy. Though most of the ideas and concepts were present the article was riddled with several grammar errors and poor sentence structure from the initial writing phase. Again I am sorry if this is an inconvenience or disappointment to anybody looking to check that article out. It should be back online tomorrow (9/20/15) fully revised.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

-Jon Spencer

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