Why I Am Doing This

Hello reader,

My name is Jon Spencer, and I am a man of many interests. The purpose of my writings here is to offer an opinion on a variety of topics while introducing people to others who also create useful content. I would also like to expand people’s horizons and interests, since some of my interests are more niche.  My primary focuses for this site is the review/discussion of anime and board games; this isn’t to say that I won’t cover other topics from time-to-time, but these are areas that I have a more vast knowledge in.

Questions You May Have and My Answer:

How Long Will You Do These?

I will continue to write these so long as time permits and people want me to. If I discover that what I have to offer holds no value to people then I’ll stop.

Are You Paid To Do This?

Currently I do this just for fun. If people wanted to pay me to do this full, or even part-time, I would consider it. However, my main objective is to share my opinion and try to expose others to useful content in areas they may have interest in.

Can I Make a Request for Reviews or Discussion?

Yes and no. If a request is made I may decide to do it, but I don’t want to promise that I’ll be able to do that for everybody. I am mostly just going to write about the things that I think are worth mentioning. I recognize, however, that expanding my own interests and seeing new things is important too. Since I am currently doing this for fun, and am not paid, it will be harder to take requests but on occasion I will likely do it.

Can I Feature Your Content on My Website?

Sure. Just give me credit and link back to my stuff so people can check it out.

Is There a Way I Can Support You/Can I Give You Stuff?

At this time the best way to support me is to share my content around and tell people about it. If I grow a big enough following I may create ways for people to make donations or accept things from others for review. Who knows what the future may hold for this? At the time, I’m just glad to be doing it.

What Else Do You Do?

Currently I am a student at university. I am working towards an MBA in marketing. I work for the University itself doing various tech related things. Past that, I spend time with friends and family doing one of my various hobbies or just spending time with them.

 Is There a Way to Contact You?

You can email me at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com

Closing Statements

Thanks for all the support and encouragement people give to me to keep on doing this. If my writings are helpful to you please let others know about it and let me know too. I would love to hear about it! Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged as it helps me to create better content.

Thanks again!

-Jon Spencer

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